Tips to increase Alexa ranking


Improve Alexa ranking 
Here we give some tips on how to improve the famous Alexa ranking.
What is Alexa Ranking? 
I said, the Alexa ranking shows an estimate of how much traffic we have in our web site. It is updated almost daily.
Is a ranking based on how many visits you receive in an interval of three months. A better position you will have more visits.
The interesting thing is that such visits have, visitors will have installed the Alexa toolbar in their browsers, so do not count all visits.

How does Alexa measure our traffic? 
In reality does not measure our traffic, simply counts how many people come to your website with the Alexa toolbar in Firefox or Internet Explorer installed, ie not 100% reliable by any means.

Example: Two websites, one of technological and other beauty products with the same traffic, Which will have better Alexa ranking? Obvious answer.

So What the Alexa Ranking? 
When we want to monetize our site using banners or other means, some advertisers may ask what is our Alexa ranking, for example BuySellAds it into account.

We also may be useful when we want to compare web site audience in the same sector, for example, two technology blogs. Here we have an estimate which of the 2 gets more traffic. Although we will not know from where this traffic, search engines, ppc …

In any case it is better to have a lower Alexa Rank better.
Alexa Ranking

Top ranking in Alexa 
Basically, the task is to get more visitors, logically should be some visitors with the Alexa toolbar. So part of this is positioning.
As in this blog are always talking about positioning, no problem. Would go first to Google for searches related to Alexa?. I think so.

Visitors with the Alexa toolbar 
One option is to talk about Alexa, Alexa ranking and how to improve traffic rank. Another option would be to talk about issues and get visitors and positioning are also things that are of interest to these people that this added to Alexa. On that side, so good in this blog.

Alexa searches
alexa faq
traffic rank
Alexa ranking
alexa forum
alexa positioning
Alexa ranking improvement
increase alexa ranking
increase alexa ranking positions
There is also the possibility to write bad word and replaced ranking rankin, rainkin, rainking, ranikin raniking and others. And the word Aleza Alexa. Will this be true?.
Another way to look is with questions.

As I climb in alexa
It is reliably Alexa traffic rank
How do I put Alexa in my web / blog
Where I see Alexa statistics
As measured by Alexa ranking
For serving Alexa
Well these are just some examples that can be used to draw the attention of Alexa users.

Increase visits
There are many ways and some of them scattered throughout this blog in the category positioning.

10 tips to increase Alexa ranking 

First, it may seem obvious, devote yourself to writing quality and useful content that can attract people, improve your traffic, SECURE improving your Alexa Rank.
Add the Alexa Widget on your website, for what they say even if the visitor does not have the Alexa toolbar installed, visit the same account. (I’m not sure it works well, or the user has to click.)
Encourages other people to use the Alexa toolbar, how more people available, more real and close to reality the results.
Put the Alexa toolbar on computers usually touches, home, office …
Discuss in computer forums, that people are more likely to have the Google Toolbar installed.
Do you go up some article in some news type mixer or Digg Meneame
Write articles related to Alexa, and people who are looking to improve their ranking, to enter and you will win.
Create your site a section of Webmaster Tools, that will attract potential audience to have the Google Toolbar installed.
Create a category that is called Alexa. In my case I created a tag.
If you have installed the Alexa toolbar or Sparky, what are you waiting?
Alexa Links 
Official Site:
Download ToolBar:ALEXA TOOLBAR
My site:


Blog: mrlonely909


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