5 More Advanced SEO Tricks You’ve Never Heard Of

There’s a lot more to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) than just keywords, links and content generation. In fact, there’s always something that you can do every day to improve your website and get your business seen by more potential customers.

Here are five more advanced tricks to help aid your website’s SEO performance:

Develop A Partnership With Another Company
Most SEO happens online…but not all of it. It can be a valuable SEO and overall company strategy to “make friends” with other small businesses around you. If there’s a business not in your competitive market that might have customers that would be interested in your business, reach out to them! Set up a lunch to talk about what you’re thinking of and how both businesses could benefit. Once you’ve established something, exchange pieces of content on each other’s sites that have a link back to your respective websites. It’s a win-win for both of you!

Add A Video To Your Site
One of the most under-appreciated aspects of SEO is the time that users spend on your site. That stat actually factors into how well your pages rank! Getting an engaging video on your site will not only increase the time your customers stay on the page, but studies have also shown that conversions increase when video is used. A good way to start is to film a simple, 30 second “look-into-the-camera” video explaining who you are, what your company does, and what you can offer that others can’t.

Follow these tips so that your video is set up for maximum SEO benefit, and get filming!

Make Sure All The Links On Your Site Are End-State URLs
By end-state URLs, I mean that the link should not go to any other URL other than the originally intended one. Having end-state URLs as the only type of link on your site will ensure that all of the page value passed from page to page within your site will not be diminished at any point. When an internal link on your site returns a 301-redirect or 404 error, you’re losing potential value toward some of your pages. Here is agreat tool to check if your links are end-state (200-OK) or not. Get those links up-to-code!

Use Google Operator Queries To Find Relevant Blogs
One of the easiest and most efficient ways of finding blogs to guest post on is by using specific Google operator queries in your Google search. Google operator manipulates your search so that you can easily find exactly what you’re thinking of. For example:

  • This means “Find me sites that have the words ‘small business’ in the URL and that have a blog:”
    • Inurl:small business inurl:blog
    • This one is if you’ve found a site that you like and would like to find out if they accept quest postings:
      • Site:”example.com” intext:guest post or intext:guest blog

Check out the link above for 25 awesome Google operator queries.

Clean Up Your Site
Your website is like a house, it needs a good cleaning now and again! “Cleaning” can have very different meanings, from throwing a bunch of things away to simple dusting and reorganizing. So whether you’re retiring a bunch of old, useless pages (throwing junk away) or adding fresh new content to certain pages (dusting and reorganizing), making your site cleaner will help search engines look more favorably on your site, and will reduce confusion among your visitors. SEO clutter, be gone!

Give a few of these tips a try, and let me know what you think down in the comment box!


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